About j b johnson photography...

I've never been good with writing, but with photography I don't need words. The photos say it all. They speak of that moment, the emotion is there no words are needed.

Trusting someone with taking your photos; not an easy thing to do. I have 5 years of experience in the photography business. Most importantly I have 9+ years of experience as a mother, and 13 years of experience as a wife. I know what it means to want to have your photos taken, capturing your children, family as they are. Taking a moment to  not miss these important stages.  I also know how crazy it is getting ready for a session, getting there, deciding on clothing and convincing the husband that this is something we MUST do. I have been there. I have also had uncooperative children. Been there too.

My Name is Julie Johnson and I am a west Michigan area photographer who specializes in natural light photography.I am a mother of 4 amazing daughters who has a passion for photography. Most clients say I provide a fun, relaxed and easy going atmosphere when I do sessions.  I wanted to capture people as they are with out stress and pressure. I enjoy photographing those around me in natural light.  I principally work with children, teens and immediate families. I have a professional camera and use a pro-lab to develop prints.

A babies eyes as it looks up at it's mother, a hug, joy, silliness, family love. This is what I try to capture when I take photos. Families, children interacting. A glimpse of who you are: beautiful children of God.

Quality, beautiful, captivating photos with affordable pricing.