Pricing information  (scroll down for additional info)  

Location Session Fee*       $25

Extended Family session fee* $75

CD pricing (please note that minimum print price must be reached after discounts, pre-tax,  to qualify for special CD pricing, no discounts apply to CD pricing, cards and albums are not counted as part of print pricing, CD includes edited images in your online gallery)

Purchase $150 in prints receive the CD of your online gallery for an additional $125

Purchase $300 in prints and purchase the CD for $50

Purchase $350 in prints and receive your CD for $25

Extended Family: purchase $450 in prints and recieve the CD for $25

CD of your gallery $225 (no prints)

Extended Family or High School senior CD $275 ** 

please note there is a $50 additional charge on each of these items for High School senior sessions and extended families because of the large number of photos in their galleries. 

Print Prices

4 x6 (or similar size)         $7

5 x 7                                 $10

8 x 10                               $14

8 x 10 sheet                      $16

(an 8 x10 sheet consists of the same pose on an 8 x 10 sheet see below for options***) 

10 x 10                             $18 

10 x 13                             $20

11 x 14  (with mounting)        $35 

16 x 20  (with mounting)        $50        

custom collages, canvas  and leather bound albums available. please contact me for pricing       


 * a regular session is 45-60 minutes, extended family is 60-120minutes. This included photographers time, talent and online proof viewing of 15-45 images from your session. There is a extra charge for locations more than 15 miles from the photographer\'s home.


*** an 8 x 10 sheet consists of your choice of

 2     5 x 7  or

4      3.5 x 5  or

8     Wallets  or

3     4 x 6 

8 x 10 sheets must be of the same image

prices subject to change at any time, there are no returns on photos. Many other sizing options available including canvas. Please contact me  for details